About me

Hi! My name is Veronika and I’m a Creative Print and Digital Designer and Art Director. My knowledge and experience in graphic design is extensive, including Branding, Editorial, Typography, Social Media, Web Design, Video Editing and Motion Graphics.

I’m a creative and curious thinker, not afraid to challenge a brief, with a good web and digital culture. I’m also very systematic, pay attention to detail and have the capacity to manage many things at the same time.


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2015 - 2016

Master in Design and Art Direction

Core subjects:

- Design and Communication Strategies
- Strategic communication as a factor of analysis, differentiation and positioning
- Run practical exercises in real contexts, reflecting on the changes and trends that new media are incorporating in communication and design.

- Establish different lines of theoretical and practical work for the analysis and control of efficiency of the audiovisual persuasive message.



2011 - 2014



Higher Technician in Advertising Graphic Design

Core subjects:

- Marketing and publicity theory, Typography, Photography, Resources for the advertisement photography, Audiovisual language and technology. 


2009 - 2011


Higher Technician in Printing of Graphic Product

Core subjects:

- Production and printing, Materials for printing, Typography, Autoediting, Digital Media. 





Persuadis is a Real Estate Marketing Agency, one of the top in this sector in Spain. My role was developing all the necessary pieces to carry out the commercialization of new promotions, from concept to execution, delivering the required media assets (logo, landing page, banners, posters, magazine advertising, brochures, video, social media creativities, among others).

- Restyled the agency's brand identity making it fresh and impactful. - Created the agency's new web design increasing online visibility.
- Won a contest acquiring a new client and a big project. 




In Diferentis, where I worked as the sole designer of the company, I made all kinds of designs, both online and off-line. Starting with the analysis of the client brand, going through the completion of the stationery, and finishing with the creation of the website and / or a presentation video. Designs were also made for regular customers such as brochures, posters, opiums, among others.

- Redesign the whole agency brand image (presentacions, brochures, website...). - Acquired new russian clients to work with the agency. 




Hunter & Gatti is a photography and design studio focused on the fashion world. My role was to help the designer with all her tasks, both on-line and off-line. The creation of flyers, posters, logos for campaigns, banners, mailings, Instagram creativities, among others.